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My Love Affair With Tea!

Weight loss, cancer prevention, heart health, antioxidants, youthful skin….

This list seems endless when we get into the health benefits of tea consumption.  Blog posts, news articles and even medical journals have these bases covered; several times over!  Instead, today let’s have a cup, for no better reason than pure enjoyment!  Continue reading “My Love Affair With Tea!”


Mindfulness Moment 2 – Nature Break

Feeling stressed? Maybe a little depressed? Need a pick-me-up?

Get outside, let your senses come alive with the sights, sounds and smells of nature.  It does wonders for the system.

Introduction to Mindfulness Moments

Beginning October 1st I will be releasing a YouTube series called Mindfulness Moments.  On the first of each month a new moment will be uploaded.  
This series will look at different methods on how to add mindfulness and/or meditation to daily life.  
We each respond differently to any given situation.; thus do not be overwhelmed when one moment does not work for you.  Stay tuned for the next one!
Every moment is different!  Where one will connect with you another may not.  Learn from each one and use the ones that help you now.  Come back to the frustrating ones at another time.  Circumstances change, viewpoints change.  Depending on the time of day, time of year, cycle in your life these “moments” will connect with you differently.  
Every moment is an opportunity for growth!   
I look forward to guiding to you through these moments.  Please contact me if you struggle, if you have a technique you would like clarified or for any other matter!  I love hearing from you!

Finding Zen

The flowing river on the walk up the Iao Valley

A family vacation is a wonderful way to escape the up’s and down’s of life.
Let’s face it though; a family vacation can also be very stressful.  So how do you stay calm running from place to place, cooking, cleaning, finding new food that everyone will eat, early mornings and late nights…

Take a moment to enjoy the small things, the big things and everything in between!

Last Spring we spent 13 days and 11 nights in Maui with our 3 beautiful children.

Continue reading “Finding Zen”

Introducing Teacher Training!

We are happy to announce that KW Yoga Therapy & Counseling has been accredited by Yoga Alliance and will now be offering Teacher Training’s.

At KW Yoga Therapy we believe in quality education, by recognizing different learning styles and keeping class sizes small we ensure every teacher achieves their greatest potential.  Trainings are led by Dr. Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT.  Dr. Heard has been recognized by the World Organization of Natural Medicine as a leader in Humanitarian service as well as being accredited by the Board of Natural Medicine as a Yoga Therapist.  All trainings offer a holistic healing approach recognizing the unique individual’s ability to find balance.

Current Offerings for yoga teachers or yoga teachers to be:

  • 50 Hour Senior Gentle Yoga (can be combined into the 200 hour program as the focus)
  • 100 Hour Senior Gentle and Chair Yoga
  • 50 Hour Emotional Yoga & Meditation (great for counselors and people working in mental health)
  • 200 Hour Gentle Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha Yoga with a Gentle Somatics focus)
Current Trainings for non-yoga teachers:
  • 50 Hour Emotional Yoga & Meditation 
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Mindfulness for Classrooms 
  • 100 Hour Meditation Master 
All of these trainings can be facilitated at a location of your choice or at the Embodied Energy studio in Waterloo, Ontario.  Dr. Jenn and her team are happy to travel anywhere around the world!  

Mindfulness Curriculum Training

Teaching children mindfulness techniques helps them concentrate better in class, increases attention span, promotes empathy and increases motor awareness.  Classrooms that promote mindfulness have found increased participation, less sick days and a better overall feeling of happiness throughout the school, with less incidence of bullying.

KW Yoga Therapy and Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT now offer:

Mindfulness Training 

for Children and Teachers

Dr. Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT delivers mindfulness in a fun and easy to understand method appropriate for ages 4 through adult.  Activities are based on grade level, keeping in mind child developmental stages.

Jenn offers:
  • ·         In-class mindfulness training to students at every grade level
  • ·         Mindfulness workshops for teachers and teacher’s assistants.   
  • ·         Small group trainings for special needs children
  • ·         Yoga for classrooms
To bring mindfulness to your school contact Dr. Jenn today!  
Jennifer travels english speaking countries around the world promoting mindfulness, yoga and meditation.  Contact her for travel pricing or to arrange workshops, retreats or seminars.

Finding Balance – Intentions

This is the second of 2 posts on discovering balance.  Once we have realized our natural rhythms the next step becomes intentions.   Setting intentions allow us to work towards specific goals whether in a day, a week, a month, a year or longer!

Intentions:  Small phrases, ideas, to hold in the back of the mind that will guide you throughout the day, week, or year.  Similar to a new years resolution, an intention is a expectation of the self.  Though it does differ in some fundamental ways: ” i want to lose weight” can be considered a resolution, but it is not an intention!  Instead it is better to say “I will have respect for the food I consume and will take smaller portion sizes” what comes out of this intention is a healthy attitude towards food.  Ultimately leading to a healthy weight balance connected to your specific body type and personality.  The key here is balance in the self.  The intentions must ring true to your underlying value system and be connected with key aspects of your personality.

We are each unique causing intentions to vary greatly in how often we set them, what the main purpose is and how we aspire to fulfill them.
Personally I like to set an intention for the day:  “I intend to be peaceful and forgiving today”  
An intention for the week: “I intend to complete 2 blog posts and spend 10 hours active this week”
An intention for the month: “I intend to keep an open mind as i move through towards a new business venture this month”
And an intention for the year: “I intend for my business to grow by 25% this calendar year” 

When creating an intention for the day I look ahead to see where the day is heading, as in the above example I would set this before rising in the morning on a day that will see me in difficult situations or in interactions with difficult people.

My weekly intention would be set on a Sunday, looking ahead to what needs to be accomplished versus what I want to be accomplished, keeping in mind my yearly goals!  Sometimes these do not line up so well!  Such as the example that I wrote.  Getting in 2 hours a day of exercise when I know that writing has to be done is asking a lot.  However when the intention is held things have a way of working out!  The daily and weekly reasoning meld together to create an intention for the month that will show progress towards my year end goals. 
This breakdown helps me to keep an end result in focus.  I need this structure 🙂  Others operate at a very different level.  Some like to set the intended goal for the year, write it out, tuck it away and allow the mind to work towards it without a conscious push.  
The famous story of actor Jim Carrey:  The story goes that one night when Carrey was a struggling comic, he drove his old car to the top of a hill. Dreaming of his future, he wrote himself a check for $10 million, put in the notation line ‘for acting services rendered,’ and dated it for 5 years in the future.  Within that 5 years he had a number of block busters and if he wanted to, could cash his 

This is both a concious (alignment of natural rhythms) and subconscious (the setting of intentions) effort, to achieve lasting balance within our lives.
These are the beginning steps to finding balance in the face of attaining goals.  I hope this aids you on your journey. 

I want to hear from you!  What do you think?  Did this help you in anyway?  Ask me questions!  I am always looking for new blog topics!  


What am I?  Who am I?  What defines me?

I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am a family member, I am a business owner, I am a teacher, I am a doctor, …. I am many things.
Every person I know can claim a list similar to my own.

If each of us has a list this long or longer, is it ever really possible to find balance between all aspect of our lives? 

How do I balance work, family and social obligations?  

With New Years resolutions fresh on everyone’s minds this has been a popular question.  Honestly I’m not sure that I do! I suppose if you look at a 12 month period, eventually it all balances out.  On a day to day basis, however, it’s a very up and down, chaotic thing, but so am I!!  

I believe the most important aspect to life balance is finding the balance within yourself.  Finding how you operate.  Discovering your natural rhythm to maintaining balance. 

Just as the body has a sleep/wake cycle so to a natural balance of when we work best.  This is where terms such as “morning person” or “night hawk” came from.  I myself think the clearest in the morning to early afternoon.  Please do not ask me to use my head in the evening!  I structure my day to have intellectual or creative activities such as writing in the morning and my “house keeping” (things like accounting, book keeping, actual house cleaning, duties early afternoon with the evenings best served to family and fun.

Going against this natural rhythm creates feelings of unease, or being “out of sync”

So how to get “in sync”?

1) Take an emotional “snap-shot” of your day.
What does this mean?  Choose an average day; upon waking how do you feel?  Rested? Tired, like you need another hour?  Excited to begin a new day?  Or annoyed that it’s morning already!  

Then every hour or so throughout the day check-in with yourself.  Ask yourself “What am I feeling?”  Are you anxious, excited, happy, frustrated…?  For any emotion that you are experiencing ask yourself  “How am I doing?”  Are you handling the emotions well? Is this emotion interrupting or adding to your day?

2) Take an energy level snap-shot of your day.
Throughout the day, especially after snacks and meals, check in with your energy level.  Do you have tons of energy? Hyper? Are you sleepy? In need of a nap? Anywhere in between?  

Charting this for a week or more will give you a good backdrop of how your emotions and energy levels wax and wan throughout the day.  

Once you have this “snap shot” you can start to adjust your schedule accordingly. 

Certain things will be unchangeable, like what time you have to get up in the morning to get ready for your day, however you can make these things easier.  If you are groggy in the mornings have everything prepared the night before, from making lunches to what you will wear, so that you don’t have to get up and think! 
Learn to delegate!  Delegating tasks during your off hours will go a long way to helping you find emotional and energy balance.  Energy and emotions often go hand in hand.  When we are low energy we are more likely to become frustrated, angry and stressed.  If you know its coming and are prepared the reactions will not be as strong.  Look ahead to what your day may bring, leave the more difficult tasks to the hours when you feel most alert.  Trust me; they won’t feel as difficult then 🙂
To really become in tune with yourself keep track of energy and emotional changes for  a month or more.  Just as we change throughout the day we also change throughout the month and even with the seasons!  
Stay tuned my next blog post will discuss how to set intentions to meet your goals while maintaining family and work balance.

5 Easy Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Day

In our busy lives where smart phones are constantly buzzing with some important message we lose sight of ourselves.  The things we need are neglected.  Being mindful is one way to find peace in this crazy world.  This small list represents a few of the ways I keep my sanity throughout the day!
1)       5 Minute Body Scan: Before getting out of bed in the morning take a minute to listen to your body.  With eyes closed begin at the top and move down.  With each inhale visualize the air touching a different part of the body.  You’re not out of bed yet!  Do you feel a tension across the forehead, between the eyes as the mind starts to race through the day?  If so breathe into this space; allow the air to release this tension, this moment is for you.  Continue down the body how’s your neck feeling?  Did you sleep in an odd position?  Again breathe!  And continue down…..
2)      Mindful Eating:  Chose a meal today and really pay attention to each bite.  Put your fork or spoon down between bites.  Notice the flavours, the textures, be grateful for each morsel you swallow.  In our busy lives we tend to rush through meals and snacks, often over eating.  When you eat fast your body and mind are at a disconnect.  We overeat because the mind has not caught up with the fact that our stomachs are full.  Mindful eating allows this time for the mind and body to connect and for us to receive signals that we are full.
3)       Mindful Conversation: During the day chose at least one interaction to be really present.  Allow your thoughts to fully focus on the conversation at hand.  Often when interacting with others our minds are preoccupied. Of course we don’t start off this way!  Maybe something that was said reminds us of a task that we had forgotten to do.  Start with one interaction; give this person your undivided attention.  They will be grateful and you will feel amazing. 
4)       Enjoy a Feeling:  Life is hectic Jwe rush through the day focusing on what is next on our never ending list.  When was the last time you stopped and appreciated a single moment?  The challenge is to STOP, stop for a single minute and feel your body.  Reconnect with your emotions.  Maybe you receive an unexpected compliment, instead of saying “thank you” and running off, hold onto it for 60 seconds.  Take this minute and accept the compliment.  “Yes I do deserve it!” so simple yet we often neglect to appreciate ourselves.  This will go a long way to helping you appreciating others.  Don’t forget to pass it on, give someone else a chance to feel appreciated.  

5)       5 to 20 Minute Breath Awareness:  Now for the hardest one!  Can you spare 20 minutes to sit with your breath?  Maybe you can only spare 5?  That’s fine; at least it’s something J  I challenge you to find this time and just breathe.  Let the thoughts float where they will; without engaging.  Your mind is a busy place!  Allow it to jump around, observe what comes up but do NOT interact.  Be a silent witness to your SELF.  Breathe through the noise, eventually the mind will calm itself.  Think of your mind as a small child in midst of a temper tantrum.  By allowing it to scream, rant and rave it will eventually tire out leaving calm after the storm!  This takes some getting used to, but believe me, when it comes you will be thankful you took that break to breathe! 

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